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Gaming PC eMagazine is all about Building an Awesome Gaming PC - regardless of your Age or Budget . . . 


We keep an eye on components and pricing and each month have recommended systems for you to consider in building your own Gaming PC.


Where do you want to Start ?

This Month's ...


recommended systems files are linked below ... prices change every day target prices are indicated for your comparison

How much do you need ?


above 14.000 DKK

Time to get serious . . .

You need POWER

and this is how you get there ...



8.500 - 14.000 DKK

ESports is on your radar

and 'average' doesn't work for you anymore ...

7.000 - 8.500 DKK

Performance & Portability are important - either at a friends -or your next big LAN party ...



6.000 - 7.000 DKK

When you are ready to move up from your laptop or your parents old system ...




GPCM recommended systems


Each month GPCM will publish recommended system builds based on the latest components and value opportunities in the local market.  Initially, since GPCM is located in Denmark, the systems will identify parts that are available in the EU - and- will reflect Danish currency (and taxes) and sources.


All systems you will find here represent 'good bang for the buck' ... are fully upgradable ... capable of running the most popular games ... and represent the most recent components to insure as much 'future proofing' as possible for your hard-earned dollar (generically speaking !!!).  There is NO PERFECT SYSTEM for a Gaming PC - some components work better than others depending on the particular application.  That means that some Games play better on one system while others play better on another - this is typically most influenced by the 'engine' that the game was built upon, and there are several.  In addition, you find that some folks favor one particular brand of component over another for all sorts of logical and illogical reasons . . . to support discussion on the pros and cons represented by the recommended systems - please visit the GPCM Facebook Group:  Build Your Own Awesome Gaming PC linked above and below.  Here you will be able to see the opinions and feedback from others who are sharing your own experience - and - you will have an opportunity to ask questions of your own ... check it out.


Building your own Gaming PC is easy . . . the hard part is building your confidence !

We are here to help you with the confidence.  GPCM holds Build workshops for Kids of all Ages right here at our location in Vejle ... there is the Game-On klub for kids 11 yrs to 18 yrs covering all sort of related activities & events.  Podcasts and regularly scheduled Live Streams will cover - Everything You Need to Know - to help you build your own confidence, as well as, provide an easy resource of information.


Building your own Gaming PC provides a great feeling of accomplishment ... it's completely FUN ... and typically can save you between 2.000 - 5.000 DKK.

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