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   . . . Water Cooling for CPU, GPU, and more

   . . . OverClocking for top performance

   . . . Bespoke Case design

   . . . Custom cabling 

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for more info email to:  SpikeV@GamingPCeMagazine.com

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PC Game-ON  -  Kids Club for learning what makes computers work


Weekly workshop program where we go through all the things that make a Gaming PC work

with Hands-on guidance and practicle talk . . . 

and other great Fun events . . .  like Mini-LAN Parties

for more info email to:  SpikeV@PCGame-On.com

Build Your Own Gaming PC with SpikeV


Special event workshops where we discuss which components will work best for you

. . . best buying strategies

. . . Step-by-Step guidance and what to watch out for

. . . Select your own components -or- work from our Complete Leveled System recommendations

for more info email to:  SpikeV@GamingPCeMagazine.com



Gaming PC eMagazine came about as the result of the influence of my young son, who at the ripe ol' age of 10 years found the limits of his i5 Laptop in his attempt at playing the pre-release edition of Ark Survival.  This was preceded by my Adult viewpoint regarding "PC Gaming" being completely transformed as I watched him, at age 5, teach himself how to Type and Read English completely on his own through his early engagement with MineCraft.

Spike Voltzow


A true believer in ... 

"No matter where you Go ...

there you Are"

So, always make the Best if it !



The Internet name derives from an old story, of an old friendship. Today you will find SpikeV in many corners of the net !


I have watched with interest the more recent mainstreaming of the Gaming industry and, at the same time, been completely consumed with the technology behind this maturing E-Sport Market.  So now, I hope to be able to Share some of the knowledge I have gained - which has been greatly enhanced by the great support of some of the biggest players in this hardware sector - and,

in order to provide help to others.

So let us focus on bringing together Creativity, Ingenuity, a bit of technical know-how, and especially the experience of - "I built that Myself !!!" ... and toss in a little FUN !

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